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YT Promote Q & A

We provide fast and real YouTube views, YouTube subscribers, YouTube watch hours, boost your video views instant. We have geo targeted views for purchase with 24 hours support. Also we promote YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, DailyMotion, Pinterest, Reddit, SoundCloud, Twitch, Vimeo and many more.

You can see all of our current services on our Store page, You can also see a more detailed information for all services on the Product Description Page. There is a drop down menu that will offer the various options for each platform and service type. Our services do frequently change so we recommend that you review the information before placing all new orders.

You can use PayPal account or any major credit cards to purchase products in YT Promote web store.

The delivery speed depends on several factors such as the service you ordered, the quantity and current order demand.  You can see the averages on our Store page here: . The delivery speed shown is an average speed and based on a 48-hour timeframe. The delivery speed for all services is also listed on the Product Description Page for the specific service you are interested in purchasing. 

It can take up to 48 hours for orders to process and complete (possibly longer based on order quantity and service delivery speed). Some services have a very slow delivery speed; therefore, it may take longer than 48 hours for the order to complete. For estimated delivery speed please see the Store page on our website for the service you’re interested in. If your order is not complete after 48 hours please contact us our any of communication flatform referring your order number, and we will look into it. 

Most orders are started as soon as they are placed and most process and are complete within a few minutes to 24-48 hours. We respond to all support request within 24 hours and often times we are unable to stop the order before it is complete. If you want to stop or cancel an order please contact us referring your order number that you want cancelled. We offer no guarantee that we can stop an order that is In Progress, however if we can, we will issue a refund for any undelivered services.

Any time an order drops from our order processing system it is automatically cancelled. The order will be refunded for any undelivered services, however it may take a few hours for the funds to be refunded back to your account once the order is cancelled. 

The following are reasons that an order may drop from our delivery system and be cancelled:

-The link is bad or the video/image/account has been removed or deleted
-Stats are hidden/disabled/private – status must be enabled/public
-Embed disabled – The video is disabled from playing on external websites (embedding disabled)
-Copyright content
-Restrictions that have been added to the video/image/account such as age or country
-Mobile or desktop restricted
-Risky content such as nudity, threats or any high level of violence.
-Requires a login or is Private – you must make it Public to receive services

If none of these applies to your video/image/account, you can place the order again and please let us know if you experience any other problems with delivery.

Geo-Targeted views are the option that would allow you to choose views from a specific country.

We can only deliver to the countries we have available when you choose the service. When possible we offer a service for Geo-Targeted views. To see if this service is available and which countries are offered please go to the Store Page and look for Geo-Targeted views. You will be able to select a country and if it’s not in the selection/drop down we will not be able to deliver to that country.  Our available countries change as our userbase of viewers and customers change. If you don’t see the option for Geo-Targeted views that means that the service isn’t currently available. All “other” views services are from viewers World Wide and we have no control over the country of origin. Please note that delivery speeds vary for our Geo-Targeted Views service by the country the views are coming from. Some countries have a faster delivery speed than others.

Please note that our services frequently change. For a current list of our services please see our Store If you don’t see the service you’re looking for on the list, that means that the service isn’t currently available.

When ordering High Retention Views, it means that each viewer will watch your video for a specific duration. If High Retention Views are an available service at the time of your order, please let us know if you would like the specific details about the current retention/watch time.
For our High Retention Views, you will be able to see the retention/watch time reflected in your video’s analytics, however, it can take up to 72 hours after your views have been delivered for analytics to update. If after 72 hours you don’t see the correct stats to match up to your order please send us a screenshot of the analytics and we will look into it. In the screenshot please make sure you have the following information:

1) the link/URL
2) date – the date range should be at least 1 day prior to when your order was placed thru 4 days after your order was completed (after all views have been delivered)
3) watch time/retention
4) views

Yes. For some orders, we will not start the order automatically and we will communicate with customer for more details. Ex: if you place an order for YouTube channel creation, We will communicate with you before we proceed.

Yes. For some orders, we will send you some sample artworks before we deliver the final delivery. Ex: if you place an order for YouTube channel Logo, Banner Image Intro video, Outro video creation, we will communicate with you and provide you some sample artworks before we deliver the final product.

Our Refund Policy

A customer may request an order cancellation by opening a Support Ticket (Contact Page) on our site or by emailing by referring your order number before we start the order. However, once an order is In Progress we can not guarantee that the order can be stopped. If the order can be stopped a refund will be issued for any undelivered services.

In case of partial delivery, if we are able to stop the service, we will cancel the order and refund it to your balance as follows: the amount of the service units already delivered will be deducted from the total amount of your refund (a refund will be issued for any undelivered services). In the case of full delivery, no refund will be made.

If the order is canceled by our system because of technical or delivery issues a refund will be issued for any undelivered services.

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